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I want to empower women of the world to live their happiest, most blessed lives and assist them in developing and exploring the side that is often forgotten about in the self-improvement journey- the spiritual side. Women have been disconnected from themselves for so long- I want to be a part of the RE-connection of this generation, where females are strongly rooted in their Divine Feminine and thus be able to make the world a better place for all, simply by being happy, free and wild.

Work with me to find your happy, you will learn of your own sacred power and finally move through the healing that's been put on the backburner for so long. 

I've got you!



The Harmony Hippy

Julie is the founder of The Harmony Hub NI, a holistic lifestyle shop and Harmony Studios, a wellbeing center in Northern Ireland.

She has been passionate about helping others help themselves since she discovered the magic of crystal healing around 2010. Since then, she has gained qualifications as:

Crystal Healing Therapist

Reiki Master 

Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner

Meditation Leader

Soma Breath work Instructor

and most recently a Moon Mother® 

Julie's work has evolved to also include personal spiritual coaching after noticing that people often didn't go deep enough into their spiritual exploration for healing to take place; often people were relying on 'sticking plasters' to patch up problems for the short term. Her work, particularly with women, helps people see truth of what's going on within them and lovingly move them into a place of confidence where they can become their best selves while incorporating their spiritual sides.  ​

The term 'Ascension Assistant' comes from the desire to help people transcend their current realities into a better, happier reality- permanently! No matter what funk you are in, working with Julie will guide you in the right direction out of it. ​

If you don't already know Julie, you will be pleasantly surprised by her fun, lighthearted approach to life. She has a knack for making you feel totally at ease and comfortable in her company with a bit of craic along the way. To see if you would be a good fit to work with Julie on your ascension, book a discovery call below to see what route would fit you best for your journey. 


“Awakening is about liberating yourself from the prison that is the world of the mind and daring to be here as all that you are.”

— Leonard Jacobson



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Ascending adjective as·​cend·​ing | \ ə-ˈsen-diŋ 

Rising or increasing to higher levels, values, or degrees.

Wherever you are on your path through life, it's always possible to elevate yourself to higher levels of peace, higher levels of joy and higher levels of energy. 

When you connect to your spiritual side it's possible to unlock a whole new way of being and understanding of the world around you and experience a more meaningful way of moving through this life.

I'm here to hold your hand through your personal elevation. How do you want to grow? Let's do this together, I got you 


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